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Sorry that Grandpa took so long to post this blog.  Seems like he and Grandma have been goofing off ever since they left here.  I mean why would you want to spend time tasting grape juice (although the leaves and vines might be okay).   Then they go to a desert to look at red rocks???  Well anyway, they are finally getting around to post my blog.

Hey, I’m back!  Well I seemed to have a bit of a problem this summer, but it worked out well in the long run.  Here’s the story:

Seems that I was frolicking around in the forest in July.  Since cute little Colie left, I was kind of lonely and I met this cute little female that was born the year before with me in the woods across from the park.  Her mom had taken her up to the big lake during the winter so I hadn’t seen her lately.  She came back down this summer when her mom had new twins.  Anyway, I was kind-of showing off for her, prancing around and jumping across the ditches in the woods.  Darned if I didn’t stumble over the top of Billie Brown Bear where he was sleeping.  Now Billie is really ornery when he is awakened from a deep sleep.  He was really mad and was chasing be through the trees in the woods.  I’m a lot faster than he is, but he was staying pretty close to me.  I looked back to see how far behind he was and ran smack into big birch tree.  I hit it so hard that it knocked both of my spikes off and gave me a really bad headache!  Billie started laughing so hard at me stumbling around that he sat down in a patch of Devil’s Claw.  That didn’t help his disposition any, but he was so engrossed at getting the thorns out of his rear that he forgot about me.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

The good part of this story is that since I don’t have any spikes anymore, the hunters can’t shoot me this fall.  They will think I am a female – hee-hee!  You see, young male moose with spikes are legal to hunt in the fall.  Then once they have horns with paddles, they are no longer legal to hunt until their horns are 54 inches across.  By next year, I will have horns with paddles – Yeah!  Unfortunately the pretty little female now thinks I’m a clutz and ignores me.  Oh well, next year!

All the fishermen and women left at the end of July.  Most of the campers left when the Red season was over although a few kept coming into August.  Grandma and Grandpa started cleaning up the park concentrating on chopping all the cottonwood saplings and pine tree clippings down by the well house.  They had a fire in the pit burning all the scraps.  Soon the space was cleared.



In early August, the state started paving the gravel road in front of my park.  There were sure some big trucks running up and down the road dumping all kinds of rocks and sand on it.  Now it used to be hard enough getting across the road from the woods with the automobiles bouncing their way 60 miles an hour down to the corner with all the potholes and wash-board.  But now with the road paved, the automobiles with be going 80 miles an hour.

You know what is really fun.  You stand down in the ditch by the side of the road in full view and as soon as a car comes screaming down the road, you step up on the side of it as if you were going to cross.  As soon as the car starts squealing it’s tires on the payment, you run back in the woods.  I told Grandpa to buy a tire shop as we could really have a good business.


Donna & Rachel
Skip cleaning rug

Donna and Skip (her name is really Shirley, but she used to skip around a lot when she was a little girl, so they call her Skip.  I don’t understand humans too much, but then they called me Spike.  I wonder what they call me now?) are Grandma’s sisters (she told me that they were her older sisters.  I don’t know why that was important!).  I think they came up to clean up the Lodge.  Anyway they also brought Donna’s granddaughter, Rachel and she took pictures of everything (I hid while they were here because I didn’t want more pictures taken of me without horns!).  The Gramps really had a good time with them while the were here.

Jan & Skip Halibut Fishing
Halibut Catch

Skip and Jan went Halibut fishing with Uncle Don.  He’s a crusty old Captain that made Aunt Skip pay attention to the end of her pole because she was busy watching the mountains instead of fishing (I call him Uncle because he and Uncle Kevin are great friends.  Both are crusty old farts!).  Anyway they came back with a lot of good Halibut (actually the green bushes in the background look better to me, but the Gramps think that Halibut is great!).

Homer Spit from Ridge road

Girls at Homer
Rafting on Johnson Lake

The Gramps took the girls down to Homer for the annual scenic trip (everyone has to go to Homer, the end of the road).   The Spit extends out into Kachemack Bay providing a shipping and Ferry port plus lots of tourist shops and seafood restaurants.  Then they took them on a rafting trip on Johnson Lake.  Grandpa had both sisters on the pontoon boat with the trolling  motor pulling Rachel and Grandma in the raft.  They thought it was fun, but I had a heck of a time following them around the lake.

Donna & Rachel Seward
Skip at Sealife Center

If that wasn’t enough, they took the sisters and Rachel over to Seward so Donna and Rachel could go on the Sealife boat tour.  I didn’t go with them, but Grandpa told me all about it.  The Gramps put them on the boat for the trip out in Resurrection Bay and Grandma and Skip visited the Seward Sealife Center.  Grandpa drove out along the bay and took photos of the Otters playing.

Obviously, Grandpa and Grandma had a great summer!  I sure enjoyed it with them and I hope they will let me come back next year; however, I just might find some young little female that catches my eye and I might just start a family with her. So we will wait and see what happens next year.  I understand that Grandpa is itching to tell all about their trip down the Inside Passage on the cruise ship, their wine tasting weekend and their trips to several National Parks.  So goodbye for now, but I hope to tell what is going on next summer.                                                                                                                           SPIKELESS