Seward Sea Life Center and Exit Glacier

On the other side of the Kenai Peninsula, 110 miles from the Kasilof RV Park, is the town of Seward. It is a beautiful seaside town nestled in the Kenai Mountains with a year round open harbor. It is the terminus of the Alaska Railroad and many cruise ship lines. One of it’s main attractions is the Alaska Sea Life Center which was built with some of the funds recovered from the Exxon Valdez disaster.

At the time of the oil spill, the center was primarily a sea life research center for the Alaska Fish and Game. When the disaster occurred, many of the water fowl, and sea animals that were coated with oil were rescued and brought to the center for cleaning and recovery.

In addition to educational displays the sea life in the Resurrection Bay, it has aquariums of the local Alaskan sea inhabitants, birds and animals.


Also just outside the city of Seward, the Harding Ice Field has a glacier outlet which is accessable by automobile. The glacier got it’s name from the early explorers of the ice field. It was the only accessable exit from the Harding Ice Field close to a town so it became known as ‘Exit Glacier’. It is unique in that you can walk right up to the edge of the glacier and down to the face where the melted water is released.

Every 4th of July, Seward holds an annual race to the 3,000 foot top of Mt. Marathon which rises from sea level on the edge of town.  Starting downtown, the foot race is a climb and descent on Mt. Marathon, complete with cliffs, scree fields, waterfalls, and a spectacular view.  This annual event draws runners from around the world.


Alaska Sea Life Center
Exit Glacier
Runner Ending Mt. Marathon Race
Runners climbing to the top