Halibut Fishing Suggestions

Note: It was pointed out to me this pass summer by several of our Halibut Charter friends that the previous prime time tide charts we provided on the website were misleading. Actually, prime time for Halibut fishing occurs all summer long. Charter operators operate every day, but it is important to ask the operator about any weather advisories. Everyone gets sick and you do not catch many fish when the waves are high!

Halibut fishing occurs year around in the Cook Inlet. However, the Halibut do not migrate out of the deep water until late March or early April. Serious Halibut fishing begins out of Ninilchik on charter boats when the Deep Creek Tractor Pull opens in April and continues through September. Tide tables for the summer months can be obtained from the NOAA website or from any Alaskan tackle shop, Trustworthy Hardware, or Fred Meyers in Soldotna.

From mid-June through July, huge numbers of 20 to 60 pound (prime quality) Halibut feed in the 100 to 250 feet waters of the central Cook Inlet. Due to the extreme tide changes in the Cook Inlet (10 to 30 feet), most charter boats concentrate fishing 4 to 6 hours over the tide change reducing the flow rate of water over the bottom where the fish are
located. Actual tide changes at the fishing locations in the inlet vary by distance from Deep Creek and the water depth at which you are fishing. Generally the morning tide changes are better than the afternoon due to the warming of the air over the inlet and thus the increase in wind and wave action. 

In late July and the Sockeye (Red) salmon enter the rivers to spawn, plus the Chinook (King) salmon begin to spawn, and huge amounts of salmon pieces begin flowing out of the rivers. The Halibut feed heavy on these pieces as do the sharks. It becomes much more difficult to keep your Halibut baits away from the sharks. Also as the water and air over the Cook Inlet warm during the months of July and August, the winds and waves of the Cook Inlet become more pronounced and more frequent.

There are many listings for Halibut charter companies on the web that leave from Ninilchik (Deep Creek), Anchor Point and Homer. Also charters work out of Seward and Valdez. If you need help in locating a charter or making a reservation for a
Halibut trip, just let us know at info@kasilofrvpark.com and we will provide assistance with some of the charter companies we have had success with in the past.

Nice catch
Two big halibut
Group halibut catch
Cleaning big halibut
Boys and their halibut catch
Another good catch
Two big ones for Sara