Bird Watching

Eagle *

Kasilof RV Park is a haven for Alaskan birds.  The trees in the park, the lake across the road, and the forest behind the campground all provide a bird friendly habitat for a large variety of birds and waterfowl. Whether it is an Eagle flying over head, a Ptarmigan foraging in the grass with it’s chicks, or a Orange Crowned Warbler flitting from branch to branch in a alder tree, the park is a great place for bird watching. Over twenty species have been spotted to date.

Yellow Rumped Warbler*

The small birds are lively all summer long with the Chickadees, Finch, Thrush and bright Warblers flitting through branches of the cottonwoods, alders and willows.  The Owls are busy catching the small furry creatures in the natural areas between the campsites and along the road. 

Blackbilled Magpie*

There are Eagles flying overhead occasionally, Ravens sitting in the treetops mimicking other birds, and Gray Jays and Blackbilled Magpies flying from tree to tree in the park.

Common Loon*

Johnson Lake across Crooked Creek road from the RV park is summer home to a large number of waterfowl.  All of the summer residents of the Park enjoy the birds on the lake and particularly the Common Loons with their beautiful calls in the early morning and evening. 

Trumpeter  and Tundra Swans often spend the late summer in the lake on their way south although occasionally a pair will raise young. 

Common Merganser*

The lake has a large variety of ducks. Teal and Mallard ducks plus Grebes and Goldeneyes share the lake for the summer.  Canadian and Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes arrive in the fall from their nesting grounds up in the tundra of northern Alaska.

Eagles with young on Kachemak*

Not far from the park is the Cook Inlet with it’s variety of sea birds.  Eagle pairs and their young spend time on the beaches of Kachemak Bay in Homer.


Arctic Tern in flight*

On the other side of the Kenai Peninsula out of Seward are major rookeries for all types of seabirds.  The Kenai Fjords National Park is home to both horned and tufted puffins, Kittiwakes, Cormorants, Arctic Terns and a large variety of Gulls.  The cruise boats that tour the Kenai Fjords National Park spend time touring all the sea birds rookeries as well as the sea animals and the many glaciers that flow out of the Harding Icefield in the Kenai Mountains.

Mergansers with large broods are a common sight on Johnson Lake

Images with an astreisk (*) courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Alaska Image Library. We thank those photographers that provided their photos to the library for our use.

Orange Crowned Warbler*
Downy Woodpecker*
Red-necked Grebes*
Willow Ptarmagin*
Mallard Drake*
Fox Sparrow*
Belted Kingfisher*
Closeup of a Sandhill Crane*