New blog!

Jon & Jan Pyle

Welcome to Jan & Jon’s new blog!

We plan to use this blog not only for our winter travels but for all the “What’s Happening” news from the RV park in the summer.

Stay tuned for the latest in what we’re up to and who’s visiting the park.

Jan & Jon Pyle

3 thoughts on “New blog!”

  1. Jon,

    Good to see you are still traveling and having fun! I was interested in your comments on San Angelo as we make several trips a year there now as my Dad and stepmother are living in Rio Concho Manor, a retirement community. We were there Feb 6-10 this past month. Joy would love to move there as it is inexpensive to live and they have a vibrant art community, but, I still prefer living along the coast.

    Good job on the web site!
    Keep in touch.


  2. Uncle Grandpa Jon) and Aunt Jan (I cannot call you Grandma, because you look way to young to be a Grandma!! Does that earn me any points?),

    You are much braver than I to go to Texas. What a wasteland, possibly as bad as Missouri….OK, not that bad. I cannot wait to get up ther this year. I am really ready to fish. As soon as I arrive, I will be looking at our old Salmon honey hole and actively pursuing negotiations to get in (could involve $$$$). I have been known to have the gift of gab, when needed.I love you both and can’t wait to see you.


  3. Wow! Everything looks so beautiful and relaxing!! We are Kyra’s neighbors and have met Jan at many of Kyra and Craig’s gatherings here in Silver Lake. Congratulations on the new RV park. The Stromgren’s are on their way to your park as we speak and we hope that you all have a fantastic week together.

    Take care and if we ever get the chance to come that far north, we will have to come check the place out. It looks fabulous!!

    Beth,Bryan, Brooke, and Tagen Lindstrom
    Silver Lake, KS

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