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Local Wildlife

There is an abundance of wildlife around the Kasilof RV Park largely due to the park-like setting with natural areas between the campsites, the forested area behind the park, Johnson Lake across the road and it’s secluded location away from large populations. Moose are the most often visitors.  

There is a female moose that shares her usual twin calves with the park visitors and last year they were seen grow from new born to large calves.

Around the park and on the local roads, adult moose are regularly seen.

Although not often seen in the park, there are several small herds of Caribou on the Kenai Peninsula.  They can be seen occasionally along the roadsides, in the meadows and open areas especially in the spring and early summer.



They generally spend the summer months in the cooler ranges of the Kenai Mountains.
Bears are plentiful in Alaska. If you are interested in bear watching, we can make arrangements for you to visit Katmai National Park across from Homer. * Young Brown Bear on back
Fortunately, the Kasilof RV Park is not bothered by them as long at no one leaves trash and food around for them. We are very careful about removing the trash each day from the park to avoid the problem.  You can help by making sure that your trash is placed in the containers at the Lodge by five each day.


Driving down to the Kenai Peninsula, Dall Sheep are often viewed in the cliffs along the road.  And occasionally they will even come down on the road to eat the salt off the highway.

* Dall Sheep

Be very careful driving through the cliff section of the Turnagain Arm south of Anchorage as sometimes there are sheep and tourists on the highway.
The Kenai Peninsula also boasts one of the premier sea life viewing areas of Alaska.  Many species of sea life and sea birds are seen from the daily cruise boats leaving Seward and touring the glaciers and fertile waters of Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park.  Often several species of whales are seen including Orca (Killer Whales), Sperm, Minke, Humpback and rarely Beluga.
* Orca

There are otters, sea lions, seals in the waters and occasionally black and brown bears, mountain goats and sheep on the shoreline cliffs.

Add the beauty of the area and close-up views of many glaciers and the boat tours become a must see on your trip to Alaska.  The Park can book trips for you with several different cruise companies and will be happy to explain the differences.

* Otter

These are but a few of the wide variety of wildlife in Alaska.  Herds of wild buffalo, musk ox and caribou exist in large numbers in the vast plains of the north and east.  Elk and deer are plentiful in the Southeast.  Mountain goats and sheep are plentiful in the many different Alaskan mountain ranges.

And less we forget our little furry friends, the Spruce Squirrel (we call Boomers) the ermine, marmots, lemmings, ground squirrels and the not so friendly Wolverine and Lynx.

One nice thing!  There are no reptiles in Alaska except for a very small spring frog.  NO SNAKES!


Images with an astreisk (*) courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Alaska Image Library

Two Bull Moose*
Combat fishing
Adult Moose along roadside
Combat fishing
Adult Moose kneels to eat grass
Combat fishing
Caribou along the roadside
Bears st the River
Brown bears are seen on the rivers during the salmon season
Combat fishing
Cubs fishing from a log
Brown bear cubs play in the river*
Brown bear fishes in local river*
Orca (Killer Whale) spouts
Sealions lounge on rocks
Otters feed in the rich waters*
Orca pod seen from the boat
Sheep on the road
A mother moose leads her calf
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