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Things to Do - Fishing and Clamming

2016 CLAMMING                

Todd Clamming


Currently, Clamming on the Kenai Peninsula may be a little poor due to over harvesting of the clams. Fish and Game have closed down several of the most popular clamming sites, be sure to check with F&G to find out which ones may be open.

When available the quality of razor clams on the beaches of the Kenai Peninsula brings a special treat and great food to our visitors and our Alaskan residents. Each summer there are two low tides each month which offer the opportunity to harvest these wonderful treats. The waters of the Cook Inlet provide plenty of food to build plump, juicy clams and the cold temperatures of the waters assure that they remain tender.

Monday, Jun 01
9:42 AM -2.0
Tuesday, Jun 02
10:18 AM -2.8
Wednesday, Jun 03
10:53 AM -3.2
Thursday, Jun 04
11:30 AM -3.3
Friday, Jun 05
12:09 PM -2.9
Saturday, Jun 06
12:51 PM -2.1
Sunday, Jun 14
8:41 AM -2.8
Monday, Jun 15
9:28 AM -3.9
Tuesday, Jun 16
10:11 AM -4.3
Wednesday, Jun 17
10:53 AM -4.2
Thursday, Jun 18
11:34 AM -3.6
Friday, Jun 19
12:13 PM -2.6
Wednesday, Jul 01
9:56 AM -3.0
Thursday, Jul 02
10:35 AM -3.7
Friday, Jul 03
11:14 AM -4.0
Saturday, Jul 04
11:54 AM -3.8
Sunday, Jul 05
12:36 PM -3.0
Tuesday, Jul 14
9:16 AM -2.7
Wednesday, Jul 15
9:59 AM -3.2
Thursday, Jul 16
10:38 AM -3.3
Friday, Jul 17
11:15 AM -3.0
Saturday, Jul 18
11:51 AM -2.2
Thursday, Jul 30
9:35 AM -2.8
Friday, Jul 31
10:15 AM -3.9
Saturday, Aug 01
10:55 AM -4.3
Sunday, Aug 02
11:35 AM -4.1
Monday, Aug 03
12:17 PM -3.2
Friday, Aug 14
10:19 AM -2.2
Saturday, Aug 15
10:53 AM -2.0
Friday, Aug 28
9:11 AM -2.3
Saturday, Aug 29
9:52 AM -3.4
Sunday, Aug 30
10:33 AM -3.9
Sunday, Aug 30
10:53 PM -2.1
Monday, Aug 31
11:13 AM -3.6
Monday, Aug 31
11:37 PM -2.7
Tuesday, Sep 01
11:54 AM -2.5
Wednesday, Sep 02
12:22 AM -2.4

The tide charts on the above indicate the dates, times and the low tide level that will be obtained on the beach of Ninilchik in 2016. Alaska razor clams are available on the eastern shore of the Cook Inlet from the mouth of the Kasilof River to Anchor Point. The low tide times are earlier the further south you go.

In order to get out to the sand beds where the clams are abundant, it is necessary to have negative tide levels below -2.0 feet and the lower the better.

It should still provide many opportunities for gathering your limit of clams (check your State Fishing Guide for the 2015 limit) from 4 to 6 inches in length. Note that the limits of clams taken change from year to year.

Also you must take and count any clam you dig regardless of the size or condition. Do not hesitate to go clamming during those periods where the negative tides are not as great (-2 to -4 feet) as some sand beds are still available. Clams are there also, but may be more scarce and may be deeper below the surface.

  Group going clamming
You can normally dig for clams up to a couple of hours before the low tide and an hour or so after the low tide. However, be very careful as the tide changes and begins to return. It comes in very quickly and can leave you stranded if you are too far away from the beach. There is a free handout guide available for you at the Kasilof RV Park which will identify the major locations for clamming and methods   Jon and Jan with Clams
for cleaning them. We also rent all the gear for clamming, including clam shovels, clam tubes, rubber boots and buckets. If you need help cleaning them, we will give you lessons and advice.


Raking the surface sand for steamer clams

Digging clams

Clamming at Cook Inlet
Reaching for a clam
Starting the clam search
Clamming at low tide
Cleaning the large clam batch
Shelling clams
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